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My Experience: Synapse 2.0

Well for the past few days I have had the pleasure to try out the new Synapse 2.0 software from Razer. However due to the fact its beta well I hope that it is the reason but I have not been able to even try it farther then just logging in. First thing I got once it was installed and ready to run is “Please connect a Razer synapse 2.0 enabled devices.” Well first thing Is first I try all the normal debugging steps aka unplugging and plugging back in about a dozen times. I have tried different USB ports and still have yet to correct the problem oh wait never mind I forgot to mention I have a new issue that comes now…

Lovely right lol

Not only now does the synapse software not recognizing my Razer Naga mouse. It screws up the native original Razer naga mouse drivers and says “No Naga Mouse Connected”… yay…..


I have been in contact with the Razer Company in order to try and figure out why this issue has come up and to be honest other then it being a bug I haven’t a fucking clue of what the hell is wrong. I know it’s in beta but shouldn’t beta versions still work at least with a limited functionality.


Well they gave me a new version of the synapse software to try and well still nothing better than before. Hopefully the Synapse software will make some progress and allow me to actually use it.


Right now the idea of the software still has me intrigued to use it but I just wish it actually worked. Well I will check back in later once it works and give a new opinion.




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