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Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax seems like one interesting move, though which of the Dr. Seuss’ are not on the slightly odd side. The story is your typical story line, Boy likes girl, girl doesn’t quite realize this yet and boy goes on adventure to win the affection of this girl. Though if you ever really paid much attention in English class you learn that there is only about a handful of story’s to tell that are just rearranged with slightly different plots and characters.

This story features a boy named Ted (Ed Helms) who goes on an adventure to win the affection of this girl named Audrey (Taylor swift). During his adventure to find an actual living tree he discovers the Lorax (Danny DeVito). Wait a minute why exactly are their no living trees? Did they go on strike or where they made all into wood tables when simply using hemp would have solved that issue? Now this raises a new question if there are no living trees than how the hell are they living, further more do they still breathe air? You know that stuff that we use every minute of every day to live!

Other than a few interesting plot holes that I can poke at the visual of this film seem pretty neat with a very colorful world that you would expect to find from a Dr. Seuss’ film. I will be keeping my eye on this film as in this day in age it seems though these movies are made for children which we all know now that this is just a clever cover up for the fact that adults enjoy these movies much more.

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